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Music box Puppy (Seymour)
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AM480 3D Music Box (Seymour)
Genuine Robotime DIY 3D wooden puzzle model kit
3D Music Box Wooden Puzzle Puppy (Seymour)

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These high quality laser-cut model kits are fascinating to watch, no battery needed, just turn the clockwork handle and watch the gears in motion and listen to the music. All pieces are pre-cut, using laser-cut technology ensuring the wooden pieces are smooth, no burrs and no sharp edges, no need for glue easy Package includes everything you need to make these amazing model.
AM480 Seymor
Assembled Size: 146*146*131mm
Wood Pieces: 110 pcs
Tunes: Angel
A Perfect Gift for Puzzle Lovers, these 3D wooden Puzzles require minimum of 4 hours of DIY full of fun. Recommended for 14 Year old and up, (small parts not for children under 3).
Puzzle activities have been scientifically proven to improve memory, relieving stress, improve visual-spatial reasoning skills and increase IQ. An enchanting fantastic experience to enjoy and you will be thrilled when the project is finished. All it requires is your time and patience, and you will enjoy every step making these amazing puzzles
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